Suspension Work

Have you ever heard the expression ‘it corners like it’s on rails?’ The dynamic handling characteristics of a car are due to many factors; your car’s suspension geometry, tire size and compound, road conditions, and the condition of your shocks and springs. While many springs can last the life of a car (though not always) shocks and struts and the rubber-mounted bushings to they attach, are wear items, that need to be periodically inspected and replaced. Islington Village Automotive can perform all types of suspension work to keep you in control.

When your shocks or struts wear out, you will begin to notice:

  • Roll or sway on turns
  • Front end “dives” when braking
  • Rear end “squats” when accelerating
  • Excessive bouncing or sideways slides on rough roads
  • Your vehicle “bottoming out”

Because shocks can often degrade very slowly over time, you might not notice the slow and steady decline of your vehicle’s ride and handling. Talk to anyone who has recently had their shocks or struts replaced on an older car and they’ll often tell you it ‘rides like new.’

When you bring your car into Islington Village Automotive for suspension work, the first things that we look for are:

  • Leaks on housing
  • Dents on the strut or shock body
  • Worn rubber mounting bushings
  • Abnormal tire wear
  • Damaged compression bumpers
  • Damaged protective boots

Loss of control of any vehicle will endanger lives of others on the road. If you are concerned about your car, call us today at (416) 239-4500. We will carefully examine your car and give you the options you want to repair the situation.