Car Maintenance

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The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure has never been more true than when it comes to car maintenance. Cars that are maintained well tend to need fewer and less costly repairs. A properly maintained car will also be more reliable, crucial to keeping you and your family safe. Islington Village Automotive is a best garage which does all types of car repairs & car maintenance services across Toronto and Etobicoke.

So, If you are looking for automotive maintenance or general car maintenance in Toronto and Etobicoke than come Islington Village Automotive. We offer great deals on car maintenance services.

Oil Changes

Your engine generates temperatures in excess of 200 degrees, or higher. Your motor oil lubricates and helps to cool your engine.


Over time motor oil loses some of its viscosity (its ability to flow) and the additives in the oil that help it lubricate high-tolerance surfaces start to break down. It is recommended that you change the oil in your car every 5,000 kilometers for conventional oil, or every 8,000 kilometers for synthetic. In truth, most modern oils will actually provide decent lubrication in excess of these intervals, but regular oil change are simply cheap insurance.  Just call Islington Village Automotvie in Toronto and Etobicoke. We can change your oil this time or set up a schedule for you to regularly have your oil changed with the seasons, or each month depending on your driving habits.

And be sure to check your oil regularly. The proper fluid level is vital to have your engine function at its peak efficiency, and reduce wear. Any good mechanic will tell you that proper car maintenance starts with regular oil change. Islington Village Automotive is pleased to offer our customers high quality Mobil engine oils in both regular grade and full synthetic varieties. We also carry Eneos oil for Japanese cars that specify a 0W20 viscosity synthetic.

Islington Village Automotive is Etobicoke’s leader in oil change and automotive maintenance services across Toronto and Etobicoke. We offer great deals on car maintenance services and oil change in Toronto and Etobicoke.



Today’s engines operate better, last longer and are more fuel-efficient than engines of 10 or 20 years ago. And in order to keep them working at their peak performance, they continue to need a regular tune-up. Today’s tune-up is very different than one from 20 years ago. Yes, we still check the plugs, filters and fluid levels, but these days there is a very different aspect to a tune-up.

InspectionToday’s engines work better in part because of the computer-controlled electronics in your engine compartment. These complex components are designed to talk directly the scopes and diagnostic equipment here at Islington Village Automotive. Our trained technicians can interpret the readings, spotting small difficulties before they become expensive problems. Our technical expertise will ensure that your fuel efficiency is optimized, that your car is running reliably and no problems are looming, especially important if you are due for an E-test.

Never before has a tune-up been able to tell us so much about your car. Never has a tune-up been more necessary to automotive peace of mind. Phone us at (416) 239-4500 and have one of our skilled technicians schedule a tune-up appointment for you!