Car Care Tips

You don’t want your car to end up like this (engine gone, just a big gaping hole in the bonnet), call us:

Old cars don’t “die” they just need a lot of work.  To prevent your older vehicle from becoming unreliable, make sure you:

  • Change your oil regularly (every 5000 – 8,000 km)
  • Rotate your tires annually and maintain proper inflation pressure
  • Inspect and replace brake pads and shoes and clean and lubricate calipers and drums
  • Inspect suspension and exhaust components frequently, and replace worn-out parts
  • Lubricate and inspect anti-sway bar bushings and inspect sway-bar end-links regularly
  • Change transmission fluid or gear oil according to your manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Inspect rear differential gear oil and replace when necessary
  • Have 4 wheel alignment performed annually
  • Keep your car clean in the winter
  • Lubricate locks, hinges